Brazil has one of the largest deposits of soapstone in the world, also known as Steatite, and its use in cladding heaters, stoves and fireplaces has become more common in the last 40 years, with the search for economic alternatives to use of oil and gas in domestic heating. TCA Export was one of the companies that contributed in making Brazil an important player in this market, helping a local company to develop customers mainly in Europe, where the use of soapstone for heating applications has been more widespread.

One of the main characteristics of our soapstone is its high magnesite content (around 30%), a mineral with high thermal conductivity, with high retention and heat dissipation.

With modern machinery and qualified labor, TCA Export soapstone supplier is able to produce heater and fireplace components based on customer designs with very close tolerances in a variety of finishes: honed, polished and brushed / calibrated. Before packaging, each set of parts is individually checked for compliance with customer specifications and photos are taken for review prior to loading the containers.