Brazil has become in the recent years one of the main supplier for the North American market of soapstone slabs used for the making of kitchen countertops and other surfaces as bathrooms and sinks.

Our supplier works in an integrated way operating three quarries and a block processing unit able to produce up to 5000 m2 of slabs per month!

Each quarry produce a different soapstone structure with unique features very appreciated in the market and are as follows:

Bininha - gray color with few veins and low hardness allowing easier processing

Margarida - in gray color with many veins, which with the use of mineral oil to its surface, becomes black, giving the material a nice natural look enhancing its beauty.

Lourdes - in black color with clouds and greater hardness

Slabs are available in sizes of 2800-3000 mm (110-118 ") by 1700-1900 mm (67-75") in thickness of 30 mm, honed / calibrated with a net applied in the back to ensure greater integrity in transport and handling.